Intelligent Automation

The world is getting automated. The business process flow / approach efficiency is crucial to hit the expectations of customer.

Different approaches like DPA and RPA are the basis to design automation of business process and to enable the business usage.

We, at Threerun Consulting, can support you in Identification, Development and Implementation of automated business processes.

intelligent automation



Unrestricted advisory in establishing the automation excellency


Uncomplicated integration via no code / low code approach


Agile and flexible to the business and technical environment


Proven Methodology protecting data and security standards


The Threerun Automation Sunburst Approach is our proven all in one strategy. Demonstrating all Phases with subtasks and pieces of information in an easy-to-understand visualization.


The Threerun automation sunburst enables you to undergo your own automation journey without restricting yourself to any specific tools.

Threerun Automation Sunburst providing an overall picture of our modular automation approach which is flexible and can be tailored as per your organizational needs.

To assess the automation potential of your organization we have generated a short survey as a first step in your automation journey.

You can use this to provide us with your feedback so that we can have an initial idea about your organizational requirements and the expectation you have from the automation.

Your feedback will then be evaluated by the Threerun automation team which will then get back to you with a customized automation solution followed by a more detailed Pre-assessment.

 To start the Automation Pulse Check please follow the link below.

Automation Pulse Check

Initiation Phase

Automation design starts with a well-designed automation approach. The vision and purpose of the client will be taken into full consideration and reflected in the overall business strategy. The initiation phase focuses on the development of an appropriate automation strategy and the incorporation of a well conceived cost-benefit analysis. The phase closes with a successful defined and tested proof of concept.

Creation Phase

The creation phase aims to create content that aligns with your core interests and to achieve documented business goals. Generating content requires careful planning and maintenance. Therefore, we use our highly reliable approach that takes as much effort from the business as possible so they can concentrate on the daily work.

Training Phase

Like an athlete, our BOTs need to be continuously improved. Also, as most Systems are constantly changing, maintenance work is conducted in this phase. With our unique improvement methods and tool combination skills, our BOTs become very successful very quick.

Analysis Phase

The second stage of your Automation Journey is focusing on the concretization of your plan. The phase determines your process automation scope and elaborate the technical realization. Hereby you will undergo with our proven methodology a risk identification procedure which will end up in a risk impact matrix.

Lifetime Phase

This fourth phase handles all results that are expected for the automation project. It is the actual purpose of all up- and downstream phases. Here, the bots run, and their results are shared with the business with our customized reporting structure that takes all your requirements and wishes into consideration without losing the oversight and flooding you with hundreds of pages per run.

API is an integrated end-to-end intelligent automation solution combining efficiently all benefits of DPA, RPA and AI


Mimic repetitive human tasks with RPA BOTS to free your staff for high-quality work. Also avoiding human mistakes.


Regular workflows such as approval processes can be automated with DPA help, with repetitive manual steps being disposed of.


Analyze huge amounts of unstructured data or check documents for correctness with AI technology.