Long-Term Engagement
Straight and honest attitude builds bridges to our Clients and Partners.
Creative Approach
Talented and experienced team provides highest standard of service.
Sustainable Target
Qualitative service ensures viability far beyond our engagement.
We Offer you a Committed Team

Companies are often faced with project deadlines, qualitative and monetary challenges. Often, these challenges cannot be resolved with theirs own resources. Threerun’s mission is to manage these challenges.

Our experienced consultants utilize critical thinking, communication and organization. As a young consulting start-up, we offer you a committed team, which will add value to any project.

We’re Offering Unmatched Services

Our Clients satisfactions allow us to believe
in ourselves and strive for perfection.
Our People define our Services. A fully motivated team
with fresh and creative ideas.

Project Design & Project Initiation
Our approach ensures in the design phase the full conviction of key stakeholder. We accompanies you through the use of proven methodologies in the design and initiation phase – Our workshops are innovative, collaborative and support the collection as well as the development of ideas.
Project Management Office
We support you through standardization and continuous improvement of project management processes and tools. Our consultants serve as an interim project manager, coach or mediator and ensure your project success with the appropriate usage of our PMO Toolbox.
Project Initiation & Process Optimization
We support you to scrutinize, illuminate and optimize your existing processes. Our consultants act as moderators, mediators and guide you with their well-founded expert knowledge through the program or through selected optimization projects.
Lean Six Sigma & Improvement
Combining Lean Management and Six Sigma bring a high potential for the optimization of processes. Our Consultants having strong expertise as Black Belt. They are are equipped with methodologies to transmit their knowledge in a transparent and simplified way.
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