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The reimagination of businesses in the digital age – Digital Transformation:


Stay competitive and meet changing market and business requirements

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.


Leverage your digital technologies

The idea behind the digital transformation is to leverage the technologies brought by the fourth industrial revolution to digitalize and automate the IT infrastructure. The digitalization aims to provide live connectivity to the businesses and optimize their data footprint.


Create new business processes or modify and optimize the existing ones

The digital transformation not only improves the IT infrastructure landscape but also redefines and optimizes the existing business models and processes bringing with it a change in the cultural and organizational practices while enabling smoother and more transparent communications.

We, at Threerun Consulting, can support you in all phases of your digital transformation journey. Our focus is to create a smooth transformation together with business interruptions reduced to a bare minimum, where the challenges are significantly reduced, and the digitalization opportunities are leveraged to their full potential.

Our service model comprises of four packages/stages in the transformation that can be independently integrated and can also be combined tailored to suit the business requirements.


Design a customized Roadmap for the initiation of the digitalization and using as the guidance through the whole transformation


Facilitate and enable the transformation with mitigation of the challenges and creation of a full transparent project flow


Enable your organization and its workforce in a smooth transition from your existing environment to the transformed digital environment


Leverage the benefits of the digital transformation in the most efficient manner while empowering your organization and the workforce for the new digitalized system

We at Threerun, provide a comprehensive framework to assess the potential degree of digitalization for your company. With our assesment framework, we assess the digital value drivers and cost optimization potential of your organization that could be achieved through digitalization.

To assess the digital readiness of your organization we have generated a short survey as a first step in your Digital Transformation journey.

Please use this quick Pulse-Check to answer a few questions with regards to your organizational needs and digital readiness.

This will enable us in having an initial idea about your requirements and the best way we can tailor our digital transformation expertise to bring value to your organization.

Your feedback is then going to be evaluated by our team which will then get back to you with an initial proposal, followed by a more detailed Pre-assesment.

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