Bringing Ideas & Innovations To Your Business

Who We Are

Companies today are often faced with project deadlines, qualitative and monetary challenges and a need to transform themselves, to keep up the pace with the fast-changing business and technological landscape. Often, these challenges cannot be resolved within their own available resources.

Threerun’s mission is to manage and solve these challenges. Our experienced team utilizes their critical out of the box thinking, excellent technical know-how along with impeccable communication and organizational skills to resolve these challenges

As a young and dynamic consulting firm, we offer you a committed team of professionals which bring with them years of consulting experience gathered through successful completion of complex projects.

Long-Term Engagement

Our dedicated approach along with an honest attitude builds the bridge to the expectations of our Clients and Partners

Creative Approach

Our talented and experienced team provides highest standards of service

Sustainable Target

Our Innovative and a sustainable approach ensures viability far beyond our engagement

“ I am always convinced that a trustful, honest mindset and behaviour are the backbone of
a strengthend and long-term business relationship”
“I strongly believe that a very honest and close cooperation with the pursuit of shared goals
is the foundation for a strong and long-term business partnership.”
“Advisors, strategists, and engineers focused on people, above all else.”
“Team work makes the Dream work.”
“Necessity, who is the mother of invention.”


Threerun Consulting was founded with an aim to provide top notch Management Consulting services to the clients with an innovative and modern approach in the field of digitalization.

Shajeenthan Sri Ranjan is the founder and Managing Partner at Threerun Consulting. He studied Production Engineering & Management at the RWTH University in Aachen, Germany. He started his career in the Management Consulting industry focusing on operational excellence, subsequently expanding his service portfolio over the years to cover a broad range of consulting services.

Threerun Consulting has over the years built a competent team of Consultants. The Company has evolved into becoming a highly respected and recognized firm in the market offering consultancy services that are second to none.

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