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Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips. Digitization is increasingly entering the industry. Processes are optimized and employee rethinking takes place.
Methods for process optimization have limitations in the context of Industry 4.0, which can be overcome by the use of disruptive technologies and software solutions. A significant level jump in the optimization curve is enabled.
Threerun Consulting supports you in the design phase with requirements analysis and technology and software selection. We accompany you from setting up a pilot to complete implementation.

IT Implementation

IT implementation projects call for increased agility and increased flexibility. The quality of the service should be ensured with a shorter implementation time and less resources. Especially in this line-up a well-oriented interface management is fundamentally important for the smooth implementation of technical requirements and for the transfer of the specifications into a functional specification.
Threerun Consulting provides you with experienced consultants and (sub-)project managers who can strengthen the existing project team in dynamic project phases, integrate themselves and contribute to the project’s success.

Lean Six Sigma Projects

The last few years in the economy and in the industry are characterized by greater merger and acquisition activities and significantly changed the turnover of well-known industries. The consideration of cost is an subsequent step to increase the operating profit. Lean Management and Six Sigma are proven methods and tools that once again occupy a high profile in the industry.
Our consultants are trained Black Belt experts and have strong Lean Six Sigma consulting and education experience. They are equipped with methodologies to transmit their knowledge in a transparent and simplified way.


Successful transformation projects are characterized by the optimal interaction of cross-functional expertise, a strong employee conviction and well-selected tools and methodologies. Often companies lack the methodological competence that we have set ourselves the goal of closing.
Threerun Consulting supports you in defining sound project governance, setting up standardized processes and introducing an appropriate performance management system.

Process Optimization

Process optimization projects are driven in companies top-down or bottom-up. Depending on the approach, companies face different challenges. Business process re-engineering projects often fail due to employee confrontation or lack of communication, whereas bottom-up projects often fail because of unfavorably chosen methodologies.
Our consultants bring excellent process thinking to assist you with method selection. Threerun Consulting supports you in data analysis and in the development of optimization solutions up to their implementation.

Change-Management Projects

The sustainability of projects is only ensured through active change management. This is a major success factor, especially for larger programs and initiatives. In addition to convincing change ambassadors in their own company, the use of suitable tools and collaborative instruments is essential.
Threerun Consulting supports you in the field of community management in the definition, selection and establishment of media communication channels. In addition to the familiar office options, our consultants rely on established communication tools.

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    Sustainability and Mind-Set Improvement

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